Wow, I just read not too long ago that Katrina is a category 5 storm now, and that all of New Orleans is being evacuated. It makes my heart hurt to think of all those people having to leave everything behind and wonder what will be left when they get back. How scary and how sad. It’s so weird because I remember when I was younger how I loved reading about natural disasters, and I was fascinated by hurricanes. Hurricane Camille, one of the strongest hurricanes in US history, was particularly interesting to me, and now that I am thinking about it, I almost feel guilty for finding such wonder in such a destructive force. I think Katrina is close in scale to Camille, and Camille killed hundreds of people.

It’s times like this when I am reminded of my responsibility as a Christian to pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ (even if I’ve never met them), as well as for the lost. May we all be reminded of that.


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