Just in case you ever wonder, a potato chip bag placed in the microwave will ignite if the microwave is turned on. Just so you know.

Tomorrow (or technically, later this morning) I am visiting a new church. I usually dread going to new churches for a number of reasons I don’t care to elaborate on right now, but two of the girls in the English program at UT go there, so at least there will be familiar faces. And there’s a singles Sunday School class, not just a college one, so perhaps I’ll get to meet grad students from other programs. The circle of people I know on campus is so small since my life is just English, and it would be refreshing to get out of that every once in a while. Here’s hoping!

Keep praying for the people in New Orleans and the surrounding states who were affected by Katrina, and also for all of the cities who are taking in those who found themselves suddenly without homes. This is such an opportunity for the glory of God to be shown.


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