So we meet again. I say I love You, and yet here it is, three days since I’ve even talked to You or said hello. Do You miss me, I wonder, when I am far from You, trying in vain to live life on my own? Do You grieve for me, heartbroken, knowing that You have so much to offer me if I would just reach out to You? Do you long for me, wanting to take me in Your strong arms and hold me when I’m lonely, laugh with me when I’m happy, listen to me when I’m confused? Do I miss You when I’m gone? Do I grieve? I’m afraid that more often than not I don’t, until I find myself in the throes of a situation or problem that’s gripped me tightly until I’m clueless and spent.

How is it that I can be Your child and yet some days not think of You at all or until it’s time for the day to end? How can I fret and worry about money or school or life when I know deepdeep down that You are Sovereign, that You love me, that I am safe? And how is it that time and time again you take me back–Your arms wide, smile warm, grace ever new? I don’t understand it, and I probably never will, but in the silence of this moment, I praise You.


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