I was tagged by Stef!
10 years ago I was: 13 going on 14. Wow, that’s crazy. I was in the eighth (that is such a hard number to spell!) grade, writing the beginnings of “novels” in a notebook, dreaming of being a writer, and wishing boys liked me. Not a lot of that has changed, haha. If only I wrote as much now as I did then.

5 years ago I was: 18 years old and starting my freshman year at Union dearest Union! It would have been about the second week of classes, so I didn’t really know anyone and I was convinced I was going to fail my physical science class and do poorly in world lit. I was so convinced that in college I wasn’t going to make good grades, don’t ask me why!

1 year ago I was: 22 years old and working for Electrical Associates. Boy am I glad I am NOT there now! Woohoo!

Yesterday: I was on campus from 9-6 (yuck!), ran home, changed clothes, and went to PF Chang’s on a date. (If you’ve never been to PF Chang’s you’re really missing out.)

5 snacks I enjoy: red grapes, Sun Chips (original or harvest cheddar), ice cream, peanut butter chocolate chunk granola bars, and Honey Nut Chex.

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars: buy my parents whatever they wanted, give my brother his dream vehicle, buy Barnes and Noble, go to Italy and Australia and China and pretty much anywhere else, and sponsor a BUNCH of children through World Vision or Compassion International

5 places I would run away to: Disney World, New Zealand, Venice, my parent’s house (it’s true), and Prince Edward Island.

5 bad habits: procrastinating, being overly critical of myself and others, judging other people, picking at my nails (I don’t bite them, though!), and overeating


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