I am so SLEEPY! All I want to do is go home and take a nap, but noooo, I just had to go to graduate school and now I have to fumble through my Old English with the vague fear that I’m going to fail. Ugh. I think I’m going to change my interest from medieval lit to something more bearable, like 19th century women writers. No Old English needed for that! The fact that it’s rainy and gloomy outside doesn’t help my desire for a nap, either.

Word to the wise: talking on the phone late at night for mulitple nights takes a toll on your overall capacity to form coherent thoughts. Too bad I just can’t help myself.

Since I’m in a funk, I’m going to list happy things:

1. Getting emails from special people.
2. Actually having something intelligent and relevant to say in class (a rarity, I assure you).
3. Writing in purple ink. (I’m telling you, writing in fun colors is so much more fun than writing in black or blue!)
4. Seeing two movies in one weekend.
5. Only having to pay for one of them. 🙂
6. Payday on Friday!
7. Seeing a rainbow in a puddle. (I think that means there’s oil or something in the puddle and not just water, but still, it’s pretty.)

Hmm, I was going to list ten things, but I’ve run out of steam. How sad. Perhaps my readers can tell me what would be on their happy list!?

EDIT: Vols 30, LSU 27! Overtime victory! GO VOLS!!! (This school turned me into a football fan. How scary.)


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