I hate it when I can’t write what I want to write, or what I feel I need to write. My heart is full of words unspoken. Do you ever feel so full of emotion and thoughts that you feel as though you can never contain them, or even express them, all? That’s how I feel. And I think that if I could just get them out, speak them into existence, then I would be released from the weight pressing down on me. I think I overanalyze everything.

And I think I’m afraid that the biggest dream in my heart will never become reality.

EDIT: Some of you have asked what my biggest dream is, and I’m hesitant to say because to me it seems a little silly but also incredibly near to my heart, and I feel that putting it out in cyberspace would reduce the possibility of it coming true. That’s completely ridiculous and somewhat akin to making a wish on your birthday and not saying it out loud so it will come true, but I think I’d rather cherish this one in my heart for now. And thanks for all of your sympathy and kind words. I love my little xanga community.


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