I have homework paralysis. Does anyone have a cure? Seriously, I have a 7-page annotated bibliography due tomorrow, which I’m thinking translates into 17-20 sources, and I’ve done 2. What is my problem?!

EDIT: I interrupt my non-work to complain about Gilmore Girls. If you couldn’t care less about Gilmore Girls, too bad. It’s my blog. (Same goes for song choice. You all know you secretly love NSync and know all their dance moves.)

Is it just me or has Gilmore Girls been kind of boring this season? This whole Lorelai/Rory fight has got to end because the show is so devoid of plot I was almost falling asleep tonight! Who cares about changing street names? And who would even think that’s actually a plausible idea? And are Luke and Lorelai still engaged because they sure aren’t acting like it! We get plenty of chances to see Rory and Logan all lovey-dovey, but all we get of Luke and Lorelai are passionless pecks on the cheek? I’m not saying I want a love fest or anything, but they could at least act like an engaged couple instead of vague acquaintances.

Also, I’m sick and tired of the promos building up some part of the show and then that part coming at the very end of the episode or turning out to be something completely inconsequential. Case in point: Richard’s appeal to Lorelai for help with Rory and the “secret” Emily and Richard uncover. The promo makes it look as though the conversation between Richard and Lorelai will be a focus in the episode, but it comes at the end and we don’t get to see them talk. And then the big secret Emily and Richard find in Rory’s room is the purse that Emily already knew about! It was such a non-event, and it seems that the episodes lately have been nothing but non-events. Granted, Emily’s utter evisceration of Shira Huntzberger last week was classic, and overall last week’s episode was one of the better ones this season, but it’s not enough to excuse the mediocrity of other episodes. Come on, Palladinos, get your act together! End rant.

I care way too much about this show.


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