Weekly Workouts: Jan. 11-Jan. 17

I’m down 1 pound this week, which means I’ve officially lost 20% of my original weight! This is a HUGE victory for me, and I am so excited!

Speaking of the scale, I will confess that I weighed myself on Friday, despite having decided to only weigh once a week. However, I did so because of a 12-week challenge I’m participating in on this blog, and weigh ins are on Friday. I temporarily thought I would just change my weigh-in day to Fridays, but I really like weighing in on Mondays, so I’m going to stick with that and pledge not to weigh in until next Monday.

I thought I’d share my workouts with you, in case you’re interested or need some ideas. I like planning out my workouts for the week b/c it helps me make sure I get in at least 2 strength training sessions, and it keeps me from just looking at my DVDs for 5 minutes while I try to figure out which one will bore me the least. 🙂 I don’t always stick to my plan entirely, but having it gives me focus and something to look forward to. SparkPeople.com, the amazing weight loss and fitness site, is doing a challenge for the month of January which involves a different workout each day. They’re short (no more than 10 minutes), and if you do one a day, by the end of the week you will have worked out all of your major muscle groups! (If you do a search on YouTube for “SparkPeople New You Bootcamp,” you can see the list of them there and view them for free!) A lot of my workouts this week use a stability ball, which just so happens to be my newest and current favorite exercise gear. You can do so many different things with a stability ball, and they’re relatively inexpensive. I got mine on Amazon.com, and it came with 2 DVDs and a resistance band. Plus, when you’re trying to pump up the ball after you first get it, you get a little workout. Bonus! 🙂

My (tentative, may-be-changed) plan:

Week of Jan. 11-Jan. 17
Jan. 11: Day 1 Bootcamp Video and Biggest Loser High Intensity Cardio–30 min. total
Status: DONE
Calories burned: 387

Jan. 12: Day 2 Bootcamp Video, Billy Blanks Fat Burn Accelerator–about 60 min. total
Status: DONE
Calories burned: 630

Jan. 13: Day 3 Bootcamp, crosstrainer and treadmill intervals and upper body strength training–at least 60 min. total
Calories burned:

Jan. 14: Day 4 Bootcamp, Biggest Loser Bootcamp Level 1 and Walk Slim 2 Miles, and Gaiam Balance Ball Abs Workout–60+ min.
Calories burned:

Jan. 15: Day 5 Bootcamp, Cardio Dance Blast and Gaiam Balance Ball Lower Body workout–55 min.
Calories burned:

Jan. 16: Day 6 Bootcamp, Biggest Loser Bootcamp Level 1 and Gaiam Balance Ball Upper Body workout–40 min.
Calories burned:

Jan. 17: Day 7 Bootcamp, 10 MInute Solution: Pilates for Abs, Upper and Lower Body–40 min. total
Calories burned:

Total minutes for the week of Jan. 11:
Total calories burned:


3 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts: Jan. 11-Jan. 17

  1. Val really likes that ball; when she was doing PT for her back they used it a lot. This week I bought us some weights and an adjustable-height exercise step for workouts to mix it up from just the stationary bicycle. Now, to get cracking on some workouts! You’re definitely an inspiration, Erin!


  2. so i tried some of those sparkpeople cardio workouts today—they are awesome! i’m going to try to get where i’m doing those 3 times a week…or at least that’s the goal =)


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