An Overdue Pregnancy Update

How far along? 21 weeks. I’m past the halfway mark!

How big is the baby? Baby Mount is about 10 1/2 inches long, weighs 11 to 12 1/ 2 ounces and is the size of a large carrot.

Maternity Clothes? Almost all of the time, although I can still get away with wearing a few non-maternity tops. I recently purchased a pair of maternity jeggings that I’m loving. (Yes, I said jeggings. Don’t hate; they are super comfy!)

Sleep? As my husband can tell you, I’m a big fan of sleep, but it has been hard to come by, mostly because of hip pain. I knew going into this pregnancy that my hip pain would be difficult to manage because I’m very limited in treatment options right now, but that doesn’t make it any easier to have pain wake me in the middle of the night on a regular basis. Still, I know that at the end of all of this I will have a baby to love, and that helps get me through it.

Symptoms? Nothing new, and thankfully the headaches have decreased in frequency, although they still make an appearance on a weekly basis.

Food Cravings? Oranges, apples, grapes, oatmeal creme pies (I had you going with the fruit for a minute, didn’t I? Nope, not all of my cravings are healthy).

Name? After MUCH discussion (and indecision on my part), we FINALLY decided on a name this past weekend! Without further ado, the name of our BABY GIRL is


Can’t wait to meet our sweet Ava!

Movement? I’m feeling those sweet little flutters, and I feel like they have increased in frequency over the past few days.

Best Moment of the Week? Deciding on and announcing a name and buying Ava some adorable summer clothes.

What I Miss? Still missing my double dirty chais, but I can’t think of much else at this point.

What I’m Looking Forward To? My next ultrasound on February 6. Ava was lying on her side when we got the ultrasound a few weeks ago, and the tech wasn’t able to get good images of her heart, face, or both kidneys, hence the follow-up ultrasound. The doctor told me that I shouldn’t be worried, so instead I’m excited I get to see my girl again soon!

Fun Fact? Ava’s taste buds are developed, so the amniotic fluid she tastes will be tinged with the taste of foods I eat. She should love apples after she’s born, then! And ice cream. 😉

What I Read in 2016

Of the goals I made for 2016, I am chagrined to admit that I only succeeded in achieving one of them: reading 25 books. In fact, I managed to read 31.5* books this year, so really I’m an overachiever. While for some this is a paltry amount, I’m rather proud of it, as my reading in the past few years has been scattered and lackluster (I didn’t read more than 15 or 16 books in 2014 and in 2015). Like I have for several years, I tracked all of my books using Goodreads, and I thought I would also share them here. I’ve listed the books in the order that I read them, along with the rating I gave each one.


Photographic proof of my goal achievement. 128%! It’s better than getting an A. 🙂 And yes, that profile picture is not at all current.

  1. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel (4 stars)
  2. Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster (5 stars)
  3. Undone by Michele Cushatt (4 stars)
  4. The Trunk Key by Carolyn Nash (2 stars)
  5. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (I didn’t rate this, but this was my review: “This book was so disturbing I can’t recommend it at all.”)
  6. Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith (3 stars)
  7. Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan (4 stars). I read this aloud to Charlotte and enjoyed it as much as I remember enjoying it as a kid. I read a lot of other books to Charlotte but didn’t think it was fair to count those, so I just counted one. 🙂
  8. Holding on to Hope: A Pathway Through Suffering to the Heart of God by Nancy Guthrie (5 stars)
  9. Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult (2 stars)
  10. Looking for Lovely: Collecting the Moments that Matter by Annie Downs (4 stars)
  11. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah (5 stars)
  12. The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom (3 stars)
  13. The Insanity of God by Nik Ripken (5 stars)
  14. Spurgeon’s Sorrows: Realistic Hope for Those Who Suffer from Depression by Zack Eswine (5 stars).
  15. Everyone Brave Is Forgiven by Chris Cleave (4 stars)
  16. Eligible: A Modern Retelling of Pride and Prejudice by Curtis Sittenfeld (2 stars)
  17. I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh (4 stars)
  18. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by JK Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne (4 stars)
  19. The Girl in Seat 24B by Jennifer Peel (2 stars)
  20. *No One Knows by JT Ellison, the reason I only read 31.5 books. I realized about halfway through this one I didn’t care what happened to any of the characters, so I stopped reading. Life’s too short to read books you don’t like, unless you’re in school, kids. Then tough it out. 🙂
  21. Big Little Lies by Lianne Moriarty (4 stars)
  22. Where’d You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple (4 stars)
  23. A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park (4 stars)
  24. Wave by Sonali Deraniyagala (3 stars)
  25. Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham (4 stars)
  26. Distant Shores by Kristin Hannah (3 stars)
  27. All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda (3 stars)
  28. Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein (3 stars)
  29. Before the Fall by Noah Hawley (2 stars)
  30. The Scars that Have Shaped Me: How God Meets Us in Suffering by Vaneetha Rendall Risner (4 stars)
  31. A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman (4 stars)
  32. Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing (4 stars)

Before I looked at this list I felt like I read a lot of the same kind of book, but I think I ended up with more variety than I initially thought. 19 out of the 32 books got a rating of 4 or above, and I am pleased with that. All of the books that got 5 stars (5 of them) I absolutely loved and would wholeheartedly recommend, but they are all pretty different from one another. The books that got 2 stars (5 of them) I really didn’t like much at all, but I kind of hate giving out 1 star ratings, so I ended up not even rating the one book I detested (looking at you, Sharp Objects). Of all the books I read, only 2 are books that I purchased. The rest I read through my library’s online eBook collection, borrowed from a friend (thanks, Leah!), or got for free on my Kindle. I used to buy a lot of books, but as I have gotten older and have more limited space, I really appreciate the ability to borrow books from the library and hope to read most of my books in 2017 that way as well.

I want to approach 2017 with a more structured plan (more on that later), but I’m happy with what I read this year and can’t wait to discover more great books! What were your favorites books from this year?

I’ve Been Pregnant Forever

Or at least that’s what it feels like. We found out we were pregnant really early (I took a test the day before my missed period), so even though I’m a little over 15 weeks along, it seems like longer because we’ve known for about 12 weeks. This is a problem, since I have almost 25 weeks of pregnancy remaining, so if it already feels like it’s been a long time, how will I feel in March when I still have 3 months to go? So I’m just not going to think about that and instead will be thankful that I’m in the second trimester and have seen some of the fatigue ease up, although I still want to nap all the time. (Although if I’m being honest, I wanted to nap all the time before I got pregnant, so let’s just chalk that up to my natural state of being.)



How far along? 15 weeks, 3 days

How big is the baby? Baby Mount is 4 1/2 inches and the size of a navel orange.

Maternity Clothes? My jeans are the only pants I can still wear that aren’t maternity. I am wearing a mix of maternity and non-maternity tops.

Sleep? Hit or miss, with crazy dreams.

Symptoms? Nasal congestion, frequent headaches (and by frequent I mean every single day).

Food Cravings? Ice cream and grapes.

Name? We have a boy name we both like, but I’m not sure about a girl name. There are several I like, but I’m not sure which one is THE one. I was so sure with Charlotte early on that my indecision with this is puzzling to me.

Movement? Nope, still too early for that.

Best Moment of the Week? Christmas festivities! We went to Andrew Peterson’s annual Behold the Lamb of God Christmas concert on Thursday, Charlotte and I saw The Nutcracker on Friday, and then we went to our church’s Christmas concert last night.

What I Miss? Double dirty chai lattes from Starbucks (a chai latte with 2 shots of espresso). This was my drink of choice before getting pregnant, and since I’ve cut back on caffeine, I haven’t had one of these since I found out I was pregnant.

What I’m Looking Forward To? January 4, which is when we find out if Baby Mount is a boy or girl!

Fun Fact? Pregnancy brain is a real thing, friends. Examples: Last week I almost put diesel in my car; popped the trunk of my car instead of the gas tank; couldn’t find my keys because they were in my hand; and almost mailed someone an envelope without anything in it! And those are just the ones I remember. I’m winning at life.

Do you all have any questions for me, pregnancy-related or not? I need stuff to write about, so ask away!

And Baby Makes 4! (Or 5, if you count the dog)

It’s been months since I blogged (so long, in fact, that Charlotte is almost done with her first semester of kindergarten!), but I thought it was time to take up blogging again. The main reason for this is that I’M PREGNANT! (I’m sure anyone still subscribed to my blog already knows that I’m pregnant since we announced it weeks ago on Facebook, but pretend like it’s a surprising announcement). We are thrilled to be expecting our second child sometime around June 2, 2017, which is also our 10th anniversary! I thoroughly documented my first pregnancy on my blog and would feel badly if this baby didn’t have the same history to visit later in life, so here I am (because of course my children will be so excited one day to know what I was craving when I was pregnant with them).  I found the survey I used to fill out when I was pregnant with Charlotte and tweaked it a little bit (does anyone really care if I have stretch marks?). I’ll post these periodically throughout the pregnancy. (I was going to say “weekly,” but who am I kidding?)


Baby at 10 weeks!

How far along? 13 weeks, 5 days

How big is the baby? Baby Mount is about 3 inches long and the size of a peach. So sweet!

Maternity Clothes? I have started wearing some maternity pants and also using a belly band for my regular-sized pants because they are definitely snug. I think I will be wearing maternity clothes exclusively very soon.

Sleep? Better now that I’m taking Unisom. I still have nights where I have trouble falling back to sleep if I wake up though. And I’m having extremely vivid, often disturbing dreams.

Symptoms? Constant nasal congestion, heartburn, the aforementioned crazy dreams.

Food Cravings? I have craved macaroni and cheese a lot, along with ice cream. There was a week where all I wanted was salad, which was definitely a new experience for me, but that seems to have passed. 🙂

Name? We are having a hard time with names. I don’t know that I am in love with any of the boy or girl names we have picked right now, but fortunately we still have plenty of time figure that out!

Movement? Nope, too early for that. I can’t wait to feel the baby move, and I can’t wait until Charlotte and Stephen will be able to feel baby kicks too.

Best Moment of the Week? Spending Thanksgiving with my family in Memphis and watching the new Gilmore Girls episodes with my mom.

What I Miss? Dexilant, the medicine I was taking for reflux and had to stop when I found out I was pregnant. My heartburn has been awful, and while Prevacid seems to help the best, I still have days that aren’t great, whereas on the Dexilant, I never had any issues.

What I’m Looking Forward To? Finding out if we’re having a boy or girl, which will be sometime in January, I think.

Fun Fact? Baby Mount’s vocal cords are developing right now. So fun!